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Yellow House is a place for making tangible the conversation between the arts and social justice. Conversations between artists, in the community, and across sectors inform our work by creating a platform for deep listening, learning, and creating.

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Model Relationships by Tony Wood at The Five & Dime

For 2018, The 5 & Dime will host exhibitions curated by Yellow House with each presentation having a direct connection to the themes and ideas being explored on stage. This season’s productions, including Stephen Sondheim’s Company, inspired the current exhibition of works by regional and renowned artist Tony Wood. Model Relationships [...]

Happy Birthday to Vincent, Yellow House Inspiration

By Hope McMath Happy Birthday to Vincent Van Gogh! Besides being a favorite painter, a remarkable and unique figure in art history, he is also a part of Yellow House.   As some may know, much of the inspiration for the name of Yellow House was my grandfather's home...always yellow, [...]