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True collaborations combine the interests, expertise, and passion of individuals, organizations, and communities. Yellow House believes in the power of authentic partnership to lift up the stories and creative expression of a diverse community.

Yellow House works with many artists in the region, but has a special affinity with many of the artists in the adjacent CorK Studios. Future projects include exhibitions, community outreach, and artist residencies.

MAYO CLINIC – Lyndra P. Daniel Center for Humanities in Medicine
Hope McMath is a long-time partner as a guest lecturer, co-curator, and program designer. Future initiatives include artist residencies, a community-based photography project, guest lectures, and in addition, the Director of the Humanities in Medicine program, Chrys Yates, is an advisor to Yellow House.

Educational collaborations include programs with Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, Jacksonville Public Education Fund, University of North Florida, and Central Riverside Elementary School.