This original relief print is small in size (3″ x 4″), but mighty in message. It comes to you in an 8″ x 10″ black wooden frame with white mat.

The work is part of Hope McMath’s #100DaysofHope series, which began by creating one linoleum block image everyday for 100 days as a means to bring daily artmaking into her practice. Hope reflects on issue that matter to her most as she looks for ways to sustain and persevere. It isn’t a blind hope of unfettered optimism, but a hope that is based in truthtelling, understanding, love, equity, and the actions that will bring a brighter future.

Each work is hand printed in a limited edition of 10.

What has happened in Syria is an epic and horrific failure on a local, national, and global level. Big bullies with lots of weaponry and awful agendas have killed and imperiled millions of people and created an unprecedented crisis. Millions of lives have been lost, damaged, shifted, and forever altered. And rather than focusing on the timeline, failed leadership, and statistics that are just too shocking, I find myself thinking about the trauma that will impact generations. Children have been bombed in their homes, drowned in the sea as they fled, lost their families, died of famine, or now live in constant chaos and fear. So, in the middle of determining whether WE should stay or go, let us understand that war is always awful and the reverberations of its inhumanity will course throughout all the people of the planet.