The term grassroots is thrown around often but when associated with the word volunteer, a whole new concept can be employed. At Yellow House, our volunteers are a supportive community with a shared mission: connecting art and community to build understanding, inspire empathy, and spark civic engagement.

Since opening August 2017, Yellow House has involved volunteers who have given freely of their time, talent and treasure to make sure the mission is realized in every aspect of the work that goes on. From deinstalling an exhibition to preparing for an upcoming opening to providing community outreach to bring attention to the difficulty of marginalized people, volunteers with Yellow House are integral to its success.

Our volunteers are from varied paths… the corporate sector, newly-planted retirees, grandparents who share their love of the arts and community activism… just to name a few. One volunteer notes, “I am passionate about the city of Jacksonville, and the art and culture within it. Yellow House is dedicated to doing the work and presenting exhibits that need to be seen. The impact of Yellow House is already being felt in this community and farther. That’s something that I am honored to be a part of.”

If you are interested in being a volunteer at Yellow House or have any questions, contact Phyllis Bell-Davis, executive volunteer, at phyllis@yellowhouseart.org. We would be pleased to have you in our family.


Gallery Guide, Monitor | Provide overview of exhibit and locations of galleries, answer questions about exhibits, and give exhibits ongoing attention to ensure that they are free of distractions.

Special Events, Community Programs Host | Greet guests, record attendance, answer questions, assist with hands-on activities at Yellow House and community outreach, and general support to help keep things running smoothly.

Installation, Deinstallation | Prepare gallery space for new exhibits via painting, construction, installing artwork; disassemble previous exhibit to include cataloguing and storing artwork for artist pick-up or packaging and mailing artwork to purchaser.

Promotional and Office Support | Computer skills including Microsoft Word, writing and oral communication skills are needed.

Maintenance | During receptions / openings, ensure facility is clean and ready to receive visitors which may include cleaning floors, bathroom and kitchen, restocking toiletries, emptying trash cans and monitoring facility for cleanliness, upkeep, and ease of access throughout receptions / openings.


Please complete the application form below. You must be at least 18-years-old at the time of the application.


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