“They are not my words, but instead belong to Shakespeare from ‘Merry Wives of Windsor’. I HOPE WE SHALL DRINK DOWN ALL UNKINDNESS. It is a modest request created on the Eve of a New Year when so many make grand commitments and gestures for the coming year. But truly, if we were all simply kind what a different world we would live in.”

This original relief print is small in size (3″ x 4″), but mighty in message. It comes to you in an 8″ x 10″ black wooden frame with white mat.

The work is part of Hope McMath’s #100DaysofHope series, which began by creating one linoleum block image everyday for 100 days as a means to bring daily artmaking into her practice. Hope reflects on issues that matter to her most as she looks for ways to sustain and persevere. It isn’t a blind hope of unfettered optimism, but a hope that is based in truthtelling, understanding, love, equity, and the actions that will bring a brighter future.

Each work is hand printed in a limited edition of 10.