This original relief print is small in size (3″ x 4″), but mighty in message. It comes to you in an 8″ x 10″ black wooden frame with white mat.

The work is part of Hope McMath’s #100DaysofHope series, which began by creating one linoleum block image everyday for 100 days as a means to bring daily artmaking into her practice. Hope reflects on issues that matter to her most as she looks for ways to sustain and persevere. It isn’t a blind hope of unfettered optimism, but a hope that is based in truthtelling, understanding, love, equity, and the actions that will bring a brighter future.

Each work is hand printed in a limited edition of 10.

About This Image
“Two conversations tonight…one with a dear friend and the other with my husband…about today’s active shooter training at the school where they work. These teachers are having to step it up a notch and the protocol is again changing and intensifying. When to hide, when to engage. Who to let in the door, who to lock out. Wait to be told, go with your gut. Trust your students, be on alert. I worry about the emotional impact of this ‘readiness’ on our educators and our children.

What does it mean in our communities when we have to actively engage in the possibility of death in the places once deemed safe? What are those who are elected doing when there is too much violence in our streets and fear in our schools? Does anyone really care or will they/we simply give out paltry charity and weak solutions as the flimsy protection against rampant violence?”