These hand-printed letterpress posters, made by Yellow House founder Hope McMath, are being sold to raise bail funds for the release of protestors in Minneapolis through that city’s Freedom Fund and now for those arrested in the Jacksonville community, through the remarkable work being done by the Jacksonville Community Action Committee.  All of the funds raised will be directed to this work.  I, and Yellow House, stand in solidarity with those demanding change in the environment of the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on communities of color and the recent racial violence against black men and women throughout the country and in our own community.

There are three versions of this 11″ x 17″ image, printed on 100% cotton paper.  All are slightly different as each is printed as an original.  They are $50 each.  We will hand deliver if local.  We will reach out to those outside of the Northeast Florida region to capture your mailing address.

For the full speech by Martin Luther King, Jr. from 1968 please visit