This original relief print is small in size (3″ x 4″), but mighty in message. It comes to you in an 8″ x 10″ black wooden frame with white mat.

The work is part of Hope McMath’s #100DaysofHope series, which began by creating one linoleum block image everyday for 100 days as a means to bring daily artmaking into her practice. Hope reflects on issues that matter to her most as she looks for ways to sustain and persevere. It isn’t a blind hope of unfettered optimism, but a hope that is based in truthtelling, understanding, love, equity, and the actions that will bring a brighter future.

Each work is hand printed in a limited edition of 10.

About This Piece
Trash. It is a noun that means rubbish…ideas and objects with little or no value…waste. It is also a word used to describe a disreputable person…lowest of the low. It is also a verb…meaning to destroy, damage and wreak. All of this seems appropriate at this moment when overflowing trash bins have become a symbol for the shutdown of the federal government and the man responsible for the lies and fear mongering that have invented a crisis. The trash is piling high and not just within the boundaries of our national parks. The clean up will occur, but how long will it take and what damage will be done in the meantime? For right now it simply reeks.