Voices Unearthed


FRI April 13 | 6pm – 8pm
The reception is free and open to the public. Meet the artists and writers. Enjoy live music and poetry readings. Engage in meaningful dialogue. Light refreshments will be served.


April 13 – EXTENDED through June 23

Youth voices have always had power…the power to elevate, educate, and inspire action. We find ourselves, again, in an era in which the unique perspectives and insights of young people are leading all of us to a deeper understanding of our present and our future.  Voices Unearthed celebrates Élan Literary Magazine, a publication that gives voice to young writers and artists on their personal journey through origin, influence and self-identity. This award-winning publication lives in print form, on a website, and now as an exhibition.

The journey from our place of origin and the influence of others toward the development of unique self-expression is not always easy. The poetry and paintings in this exhibit illustrate the courage it takes to express identity and personal truth through the mediums of poetry and visual art. The exhibition asks visitors to consider how a young artist discovers and unearths their authentic voice and how serving as witnesses to this work alters our perspective on ourselves and the world around us.

Voices Unearthed is the second exhibition in a season focused on empowering young artists, curators, and writers to lead the way. Yellow House partnered with students of art and poetry from Douglas Anderson of the Arts to select the works, envision the physicality of the show, and plan public programming. Although we provided expertise, mentoring, and a chance for Élan to have a larger presence in the community, we mostly listened and stepped out of the way. By creating a platform for student created and student led experiences, Yellow House attempts to blur the lines between categories of artists. These are not exhibitions relegated to a hallway or the basement, but are intended to center and elevate the excellence of young people in our community.

Evelyn Alfonso • Elma Dedic • Lex Hamilton • Ana Shaw • Kathryn Wallis • Lexey Wilson

Tiffany Melanson, Creative Writing Instructor/ Élan Faculty Advisor, Douglas Anderson School of the Arts • Steve Schetski, AP Studio Art Drawing Instructor, Savannah Arts Academy

Meredith Abdelnour • Winnie Blay • Reece Braswell • Valerie Busto • Madison Dorsey • Kinley Dozier • Luz Manuga • Noah McGahagin • Olivia Meiller • Harleigh Murray • Oona Roberts • Kathyrn Wallis

Katherine Harrison • Savannah Rahn • Corey Kreisel • Audrey Phillips • Kashta Dozier-Muhammad • Kianna Henshaw • Emma McLaughlin • Knowlton Anderson • Isabella Gardner • Victoria Sherwood • Sharya Mccray • Jasmine Hernadez • Kristina Lowry • Montana Kromann • Antonio Colon • Samantha Moody • Dane LaRocque • Maria Cortina-Sainz

Marketing artwork utilizes the painting Sacrifice of a Shaman by Corey Kreisel