“In our global society, we are experiencing an oversaturated digital info-sphere where the lasting effects of  colonization are omnipresent and tyrannical. The infinite singularity that is cyberspace greatly imposes on our  human sensibilities while also serving as a constructive tool for creativity and culture. In this non-conforming,  gender-fluid Black Body, I explore rebirth and the flux of the universe as reflected in our mediascape, particularly  through meditations on brutality and melancholy. I investigate complex structures in technology and their  underlying patterns, fractals, and interconnections — juxtaposing the presence of disorder in cyber bodies, as a  means to explore issues of race, eroticism, rapid evolution, and death.

Chaos Theory dismantles linear time and space via image, audio, and experience. I draw from a  personally curated vault of digital imagery, memory, and culture, while investigating the implications of rapidly  growing techno-fascism on marginalized bodies. Utilizing the Black body as a point of sensation while  simultaneously critiquing its position in this pharmapornographic climate.

Furthermore, this work seeks to offer Blackness not as a solution, but as a way of knowing and a tool of  navigating the phenomenology of the impending apocalypse — an end of times. Blackness, in both the sense of  race and cosmogenic principle, acts as an agent for the radical imagination necessary to contend with a future  that always feels out of reach and intangible. Rather than seeking an answer or an escape, this piece is a space for  questioning and critical analysis. These ideas will manifest and emerge biomorphically, in the same way that  Blackness moves throughout time-space or the way that all life ebbs and flows out of form.”  – Jordy/n Bowen