The exhibition (Re)Set the Table opened last Saturday night with the engagement of people from every corner of the community. More than an art event, the gathering was a platform for people otherwise unknown to one another to connect, to have thoughtful conversation, and to take in art and stories too-often untold.

The exhibition raises questions and provides space to ponder what it means to have a seat at the table. Over the coming weeks Yellow House will provide insight into each participating artist’s approach to answering this question, both for themselves and the people and communities whose lived experiences that inspire their creative output.  We are grateful to artists Agnes Lopez, Alton Gordon, Fabricio Farias, Ingrid Damiani, Malcolm Jackson, Mary Ratcliff, Sara Nahid, Walter Pierre for leading this conversation.

The community of artists, and student curators, that has come together around this exhibition is its own example of being intentional about embracing new voices and finding threads of connection between people who might otherwise seem to sit at different tables. The show lifts up creators who have been making art for decades and those who are recently graduated.  There are works by a painter recently settled in our community after having to flee Iran and an artist who has lived most of his life only a couple miles away on Ken Knight Drive.  There are photographers who ask us to learn from elders in our community who have sacrificed much, been trailblazers, yet are rarely recognized and some who look to images of children to illustrate what inclusion looks like.

Besides following the series of conversations that will appear here during the run of  (Re)Set the Table, I hope you will visit the exhibition in person.  Our hours for the next couple of weeks are:

FRI Feb 23 at 3-7pm | SAT Feb 24 at 11am-2pm

TUE Feb 27 at 11am-7pm | THU Mar 1 at 11am-5pm

TUE March 6 at 11am-7pm | SAT Mar 10 11am-2pm

Yellow House can certainly be a destination, but it is also a place to pop in for a break from the chaos of this world.  Bring your lunch and we can sit at the picnic table under the oak tree on the front lawn. You can take your seat in Yellow House’s living room and think, write, or offer your thoughts with those sharing the space. And, of course, you can be inspired, challenged, and informed by the art on our walls.

There is always a seat for you at Yellow House. We hope to see you soon.