The CALL | Where Art Meets Justice
Art’s Understanding of Community Across Borders of Difference
A Partnership Between UNF’s Center for the Study of Race & Ethnic Relations, Yellow House, and Artists in Our Community

The CALL is an appeal for visual artists to illustrate JUST Space – conditions for community and solidarity across borders of difference. JUST Space is the state of moral progression from safe space, to brave space, then to gracious space, that has not gone far enough to address the pervasive racial and ethnic inequities we face today.

There is a long tradition of artists and the works they create leading the way in amplifying examples of solidarity, opening paths to understanding, and providing a vision of what the world can be as a result of deep human connection. Artists are invited to create works that center concepts of care, courage, critical consciousness, and community as essential elements of JUST Space.

All works will be evaluated by local cultural leaders. The top three adult winners and three youth artists will receive cash awards and have their works enter the collection of the Institute for the Study of Race & Ethnic Relations at UNF. All submitting artists will be part of an exhibition at UNF’s Institute for the Study of Race & Ethnic Relations Annual Showcase on July 25, 2023. Winners and other select images will be included in an upcoming publication on JUST Space, authored by Rudy F. Jamison Jr., Ed.D. who serves as Director of the Institute and the Urban Education Scholars Program at UNF. Artists will also be invited to exhibit at Yellow House during the 2023 – 2024 season.

Purchase Award Winners

  • First Place Winner-$4000
  • Second Place Winner-$2500
  • Third Place Winner-$1500
  • Youth First Place Winner $1000
  • Youth Second Place Winner-$600
  • Youth Third Place Winner-$400

All winners will enter the permanent collection of UNF’s Institute for the Study of Race & Ethnic Relations, will be included in an upcoming publication, and will be part of the visual language for gathering community for ongoing learning exchanges around JUST Space. Prize winners will receive high quality digital images of their work.

Art Submission Guidelines

  • All two-dimensional mediums are welcome – painting, printmaking, mixed media, collage, photography.
  • All artworks must to be 24” x 36”
  • Submissions are free.
  • Artwork must be delivered on July 22 to Yellow House at 577 King Street in Jacksonville. Contact to make other arrangements.
  • Artists must live in the Northeast Florida region.
  • Youth artists are between the ages 15-18.
  • The six prize winning works will become part of UNF’s Institute for the Study of Race & Ethnic Relations.
  • Exhibition will take place AT UNF on July 25.

Attending Virtual Community Learning Exchange (CLE) Just Space
Attendance at a virtual session with Rudy F. Jamison Jr., Ed.D. is highly encouraged. This Community Learning Exchange will amplify the tenets of JUST Space and give attendees an opportunity to be in dialogue around this concept, opening up a deeper curiosity and clarity that will inform the artwork being created.

Zoom sessions are being offered:

If you are unable to attend one of the above dates, please reach out to Hope McMath to receive a recording of the session.

* Organizers reserve the right to not display submitted works that run counter to the concept of JUST space. Images that celebrate hate and division will not be exhibited.