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Yellow House is a place for making tangible the conversation between the arts and social justice. Conversations between artists, in the community, and across sectors inform our work by creating a platform for deep listening, learning, and creating.

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A Reflection on ‘her own things: the works of erin kendrick’

By Zaiche Johnson, Creative Catalyst The proportion of oppressive mechanisms, only expand, when juxtaposed to the exhaustive weight, that's applied by a structural power matrix. When Erin Kendrick's neurons messaged this cumbersome pain to the spaces in her heart, an excursion was initiated, christening her vessel to sail for reconciliation [...]

In Her Own Words

By Erin Kendrick Self-love is necessary for survival. Survival is a rebellious act. As an undergrad in art school, I struggled to tell my story. I couldn’t find a safe space to speak up for myself. I felt like a nuisance, singing the same song of oppression and violence against [...]