For 2018, The 5 & Dime will host exhibitions curated by Yellow House with each presentation having a direct connection to the themes and ideas being explored on stage. This season’s productions, including Stephen Sondheim’s Company, inspired the current exhibition of works by regional and renowned artist Tony Wood. Model Relationships by Tony Wood will be celebrated TONIGHT from 5:30-9pm at The Five & Dime Theater as part of Art Walk.

The exhibition delves into the commitments forged between people, whether as professional engagements or as personal affairs. Whether these bonds are shared between a model and an artist or a romantically involved couple, the complexities of relationships are a primary the two art forms one display.

Like a bridge over troubled or calm waters, the women of Wood’s paintings are shown as apart of a relationship; they exist in relation to one another, in relation to some unseen partner, or in relation to the artist. Though attachments between people can be tumultuous, they can be positive or serve as cautionary tales to prevent future heartache. Wood’s paintings successfully portray the beautifully tragic and the morbidly comedic aspects of burdensome and passionate relationships.

“My paintings seem to always gravitate towards people, faces and the figure. I believe I am looking for an emotional connection, a certain action that speaks to our humanity, our biography, our wit, and I want to say it with subtle but universally recognizable human gestures, nuanced body language and paint.” – Tony Wood

Tonight you can meet the artist, hang out with the teams from the theater and Yellow House, inquire about tickets to Company and the other productions at The Five & Dime this season. Model Relationships by Tony Wood is the second exhibition born of this partnership between The Five & Dime and Yellow House. Both organizations are committed to sharing compelling stories through the arts that build community, embrace diversity, inspire and educate. This is a magical marriage between two art forms and two organizations with the power to create change.