“Growing up a black Haitian-American male in the United States, has brought a complex array of emotions and thoughts to my artistic work. The power of identity—how it shapes and outlines individuals or groups—has led me to further explore and investigate this subject. Through painting, printmaking and sculpture I create windows into the subconscious that reveal vulnerabilities within society and its relation to identities in general. In utilizing conventional and stylized imagery based on African, Haitian, colonial and post-colonial cultural references, I examine the idea of imposed, reformed, and reinvented identity. I take from the Haitian tradition of using colorful storytelling to attract the viewer and allow a glimpse into the various imagery that makes up identity.

Egzòd is Haitian-créole for “Exodus,” the series is a narrative of snapshots; moments in the life of Haitian immigrants and diasporans. The drawings illuminate on the struggles that newcomers face when dealing with identity, and family culture in a new world, and delve into the personal imagery of the immigrant and family.” – Walter Pierre

Come and view Walter’s drawings and print installation at Yellow House during these final days of the (Re)Set the Table exhibition. We will have ARTISTS IN THE HOUSE from 12-2pm this Saturday and from 5-7pm next Tuesday. You will have a chance to view the work and meet the artists in the intimate setting of Yellow House.

We have also extended the run of the exhibition by one week! Visit today, March 27 from 11am-7pm, Saturday March 31 from 11am-2pm, Tuesday April 3 from 11am-7pm, and a closing Happy Hour Friday April 6 from 4-7pm.