THURS | Sept 26 | 6:30-8:30pm | Suggested donation

As a powerful way to support our brothers and sisters suffering in bondage at the border, this reading supports a nationwide movement of writers supporting refugees and migrants at the border and around the country.  While it’s not getting much media attention, our Black brothers and sisters from Africa, the Caribbean and the Americas, as well as our Middle Eastern brothers and sisters, are also being abused and turned away. We are here to answer the call by activating the arts to support action.


We also welcome all poets, writers, artists, storytellers, musicians, singers, actors, dancers, supporters and spiritual warriors for our OPEN MIC to perform and support us.

The goal is to raise $500 at this event and every event across the U.S. to support migrants. All funds raised during the Yellow House event will be donated to The FLORIDA IMMIGRANT COALITION,  a nonprofit organization doing great work locally in the Jacksonville region and across Florida, and IMMIGRANT FAMILES TOGETHER (IFT) is a national organization using 100% of its funds to post bail for migrant and refugee detainees who are being incarcerated just for being asylum seekers.

This reading/event is sponsored by YELLOW HOUSE, the FLORIDA IMMIGRANT COALITION (FLIC) and the WRITERS FOR MIGRANT JUSTICE movement.

Artwork by Neameh Mansour نعمة منصور